12:00 AM, November 27, 2009
EADS,Spanish Air Force sign $223 million industrial support contract for Eurofighter aircraft
The Military Air Systems (MAS) Business Unit of EADS Defence & Security in Spain recently signed a contract with the Spanish Air Force to provide the ON Aircraft Scheduled Inspections Industrial Service (OASIIS) for the Eurofighter aircraft being operated at Morón Air Base near Seville. Worth 150 million euros($233 million), the contract will run for 10 years and includes scheduled maintenance activities and the procurement and management of consumables for the Eurofighter fleet. It is a performance-based contract in which the industry takes on risks and responsibilities associated with the fulfilment of availability criteria. This translates into a system of financial bonuses and penalties with the objective of fostering continuous improvement. EADS Defence & Security in Spain has been supporting the Air Force since 2003 in Getafe and since 2004 at Morón Air Base in all activities associated with the commissioning and operation of the Spanish Eurofighter fleet. Enrique Barrientos, CEO of EADS Defence & Security in Spain, commented: “This is the first time we have signed this kind of shared risk agreement with the Air Force and I believe it could form the basis for more logistical support contracts in the future.”