Ship-launched Brahmos can fly in sea-skimming mode, completely destroy target

  • 12:00 AM, April 19, 2010
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Ship-launched Brahmos can fly in sea-skimming mode, completely destroy target
The ship-launched anti-ship version of Brahmos missile can fly at supersonic speed barely 3-4 meters above the surface of the sea making it ideal for stealth attack against enemy ships. The missile which is being offered to Malaysia to be mounted on its new generation patrol vessels successfully completed its anti-ship test two months ago. The technology behind the missile makes it a game-changer in the global arms industry. No other missile is capable of flying at match 2 plus speeds and yet skim the seas. its competitors for the Malaysian program, such as the Exocet missile made by MBDA can only fly at sub-sonic speeds making it vulnerable to counter-attacks. Brahmos Aerospace CEO, Dr. A. Sivathanu Pillai told at the DSA 2010 show that the high speed of the Brahmos missile combined with a heavier weight makes it about 15 times more lethal than a conventional anti-ship missile. "Any other anti-ship missile will only leave a hole in the hull of the attacked ship, but the Brahmos missile will completely obliterate the target. In the anti-ship missile tests done in India, the target ship was completely blown to pieces", he said. The Malaysian Navy Chief of Staff, Admiral Abdul Aziz Bin Haji Jaafar visited the BrahMos pavillion at the DSA 2010 show. He showed keen interest in the ship-launched version of the missile and wrote in the visitors book, "we look forward to working jointly with Brahmos".
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