Saab signs component maintenance contract for 21 Fokker aircraft with Avia

  • 12:00 AM, May 5, 2010
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Saab and Avia Express Sweden AB, also representing Amapola Flyg AB, have signed an agreement for component maintenance of their fleet of 21 Fokker 50 aircraft. The five year flight-hour based agreement will assure Avia that maintenance of components is fast and efficient, as well as cost effective and easy to forecast financially. “Also this time Saab turned out to be the best solution for Avia, mainly because Saab brings their product into line with the customer. With experience from our long relationship we know that with Saab we will be in safe hands” says Catarina Wall, Vice President Technical Operations, Avia Express Sweden AB. Saab performs component maintenance as part of its range of diversified support solutions used by customers worldwide. Saab has been supporting the market of many different commercial aircraft with component maintenance over the last thirty years, and the first agreement between Saab and Avia, then Skyways AB, was signed in 1995. “We are very happy that Avia has chosen Saab for this support, and we will continue to provide a personal, efficient service, building on a long relationship” says Peter Surin, Customer Service Director within Saabs business area Support and Services. The majority of the component maintenance will be carried out in Saab’s workshops in Linköping and Arboga.
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