Lockheed Martin awarded $470 million contract for GMLRS missiles by U.S

  • 12:00 AM, July 22, 2010
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Lockheed Martin Missile and Fire Control, Dallas, Texas, was awarded on July 12 a $469,922,290 firm-fixed-price and cost-plus-fixed-fee contract. The guided multiple rocket systems (GMLRS) unitary, Full Rate Production V procurement is to acquire 4,770 unitary and 530 reduced range rocket pods (RRPR). This procurement covers requirements and service for the U.S., foreign partners, and Foreign Military Sales customers. The U.S. Army is to acquire 532 unitary pods, 3 stockpile reliability program pods and 18 unitary production validation test rockets. The U.S. Marine Corps is to acquire 98 unitary pods. Foreign partners are to acquire the following: Germany, 20 unitary pods; United Kingdom, 72 unitary pods; France, 43 unitary pods. Foreign Military Sales customer Jordan is to acquire 24 unitary pods. The procurement of RRPR is as follows: U.S. Army, 344 pods; U.S. Marine Corps, 120 pods; United Arab Emirates (UAE), 30 pods; and Jordan, 36 pods. Downloads/demate rocket pods are as follows: U.S. Army unitary, 538 pods; U.S. Army RRPR, 344 pods; U.S. Army 2009 supplemental, 118 pods; U.S. Marine Corps supplemental, 74 pods; U.S. Marine Corps, 98 pods; U.S. Marine Corps RRPR, 120 pods; Germany unitary, 20 pods; United Kingdom unitary, 72 pods; France unitary, 43 pods; Jordan unitary, 24 pods; UAE RRPR, 30 pods; and Jordan RRPR, 36 pods. Other requirements in support of production deliveries include: integrated logistic support; facilitization of France; GMLRS technical publications, Jordan; GMLRS multiple launch rocket system family of munitions spares; and GMLRS obsolescence.
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