12:00 AM, November 3, 2010
Rockwell Collins, as a member of the Raytheon team, will provide its TacNet data link system for the Small Diameter Bomb (SDB) II program. Raytheon was recently selected as the prime contractor for development and production of the SDB II, with integral capability to accurately strike moving and fixed targets in adverse weather conditions. "TacNet's proven performance and reliability will provide Raytheon's SDB II solution with unprecedented connectivity and interoperability in this size of a weapon data link," said Bruce King, vice president and general manager of Communication Products at Rockwell Collins. "TacNet's ability to interoperate with existing tactical networks now extends net-centric communications all the way from the warfighter directly to small precision guided weapons." As a net-enabled weapon with an all-weather tri-mode seeker, SDB II provides warfighters with advanced capability to attack moving targets. This results in a very robust weapon system that can acquire and recognize moving targets, and is also compatible with a wide variety of GPS-based targeting systems. Rockwell Collins' TacNet data link system is a small form factor, dual-channel, two waveform terminal that enables network-centric operation of next-generation weapon systems. The system enables in-flight target updates, retargeting, weapon handover coordination, bomb hit assessments and increased networked situational awareness. TacNet allows warfighters in the air and on the ground to more effectively and efficiently engage fixed and moving targets.