KMW Training and Simulation aid for Norwegian Army's Leopard 2 battle tank

  • 12:00 AM, November 18, 2010
  • 7215
German KMW Training & Simulation has been selected by the Norwegian Armed Forces to deliver the BATSIM® Classroom for the main battle tank LEOPARD 2. The BATSIM® Classroom provides state of the art combat training on serious games level and offers maximum of realism. The system runs on commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) desktop computers. KMW Training & Simulation will deliver the BATSIM® Classroom simulators to the Norwegian Armed Forces in 2011. Like many armies worldwide, the Norwegian Armed Forces have explored the use of serious games to support their training activities. In the past, these applications largely failed to simulate realistic vulnerability and damage models, and also lacked the sophistication to reproduce the vehicles´ operational details. Driven by KMW´s unique knowledge - deriving from over 30 years of development into high-end combat simulation - and the quantum leap of commercial computer and graphic board development, KMW Training & Simulation has condensed its combat simulation software to fit and run on a single COTS Desktop PC. As a result, it will be available to an even larger number of trainees. As Dr. Dirk Schmidt, Senior Vice President Training & Simulation for KMW, commented “This is a milestone in military simulation because with the BATSIM® Classroom a desktop simulation system is available which combines KMW´s expertise as a leading manufacturer of main battle tanks and of a proven simulation framework fielded in many armies worldwide. Our customers will appreciate the plug and play networking of our new BATSIM® Classroom with their existing high-end simulators”.
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