12:00 AM, December 1, 2010
For a country facing insurgency and militancy, its defence and security forces place orders for only 90,000 5.56mm assault rifles out of a total of 164,000 small and personnel arms a year. This the average yearly production of its ordnance factories. According to information given to the Indian parliament by Minister of State for Defence, Mr MM Pallam Raju, the production is largely from three state owned factories, Rifle Factory Ishapore, Small Arms Factory Kanpur and Ordnance Factory Tiruchirapalli. Interestingly, there are no private companies manufacturing personnel weapons for military and security forces in India. India imports an unspecified of assault weapons, especially AK-47 rifles and other specialized weapons such as for sniper use. According to Gunpolicy.org, a U.S. based website tracking small arms all over the world, India military forces have 5.7 million personnel weapons.