Pentagon awards $156 million contract to penetrate Taliban, Al Qaeda networks

  • 12:00 AM, December 14, 2010
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Acknowledging the serious threat from improvised explosive devices(IEDs) being employed by the Taliban, Al Qaeda and assorted groups in Afghanistan and Iraq, the Pentagon has decided to “embed” former law enforcement officials into the U.S. Army operating as part of operation New Dawn (Iraq) and Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan) to “penetrate and suppress” criminal networks. To activate this plan, the Pentagon yesterday awarded a $156 million contract to MPRI Inc., a specialist training company, to embed former law-enforcement professionals into corps, division, brigade, regimental and battalion headquarters to assist commanders with enhanced expertise to penetrate and suppress criminal networks and their employment of improvised explosive devices throughout Operation New Dawn, Operation Enduring Freedom, and other overseas contingency operations. Work is to be performed in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Alexandria, Va., with an estimated completion date of Dec. 10, 2011, a Pentagon contract announcement said. The Taliban and Al Qaeda have been successful in containing and often reversing gains made by U.S. and NATO forces due to its effective use of IEDs. A hostile local population and alien language and customs have served as a steel wall in penetrating into the terrorist networks.
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