12:00 AM, February 17, 2012
Singapore Technologies Kinetics Ltd has secured an order to supply its 120mm Super Rapid Advanced Mortar Systems (SRAMS) to an overseas customer in a contract worth $46 million. "The 120mm SRAMS offers its operators superior battle proven firepower through its high rate of loading and increased mobility made possible with its extremely low recoil force. This order is affirmation of the compelling and effective solutions we offer to our customers, which are built upon the high standard and quality we demand of our products," said SEW Chee Jhuen, President, ST Kinetics. The world's first 120mm patented mortar system can be mounted onto a wide range of light weight 4x4 vehicles for rapid shoot and scoot missions and heli-portability and has a recoil load of less than 26 tonnes when firing at maximum charge. Together with its own command and control, fire control system and ammunition on board the vehicle, the SRAMS offers the warfighter on the ground total direct control of its own firepower.