12:00 AM, September 4, 2012
Russia has delivered another set of Mi-35M Hind E attack helicopters to Brazil, in a contract that was signed in 2008 and will complete the contract by the end of 2012. In the contract that was signed in 2008, Russia had agreed to deliver 12 Mi-35M Hind E attack helicopters to Brazil worth $150 million. Igor Korotchenko, head of the Moscow-based Center for Analysis of Global Arms Trade, said, “The latest three machines were delivered on August 29. Brazil will receive the remaining three helicopters before the end of the year and the 2008 contract will be completed”. The Mi-35M helicopters are equipped with weapons guidance systems and anti-tank missiles on board and it is an export version of the Mi-24 Hind that was used extensively in Afghanistan. Mi-35s might be used in the Amazon region, with Brazil's Embraer land and ground surveillance jets.