MBDA's Viper Strike Munition Is New Anti-Terrorist Weapon

  • 12:00 AM, September 5, 2012
  • 2543
MBDA’s viper strike munition GBU-44/E mounted on the Cessna Caravan aircraft scored a direct hits against several high speed vehicles in the US government sponsored test. Viper Strike hit eight vehicles travelling at high speeds in varying realistic scenarios. Tom Bien, Viper Strike’s Program Manager, said, “This proven high speed target attack capability is a game changer for war fighters that need to hit very fast vehicles with great precision and from any direction of attack”. Viper Strike is a glide munition hitting targets from extended stand-off ranges using GPS aided navigation and an end-game, semi-active laser seeker which is used in combat by both manned and unmanned aircraft. It’s 44-lb is highly agile airframe and provides a covert launch and low collateral damage effects against stationary and high speed moving targets. Viper Strike will deploy next on the U.S. Marine Corps’ KC-130J Harvest HAWK aircraft.
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