ITT Exelis Demos AIDEWS For Chile

  • 12:00 AM, September 12, 2012
  • 2775
ITT Exelis announced the successful demonstration of its Advanced Defensive Electronic Warfare System (AIDEWS) which it demonstrated for the Chilean Air Force. In a cooperative effort between the Chilean Air Force, U.S. Air Force, and Exelis, a series of multi-ship F-16 missions demonstrated the latest enhancements in the system’s air-to-air electronic warfare capability. The demonstration missions effectively confirmed the performance of AIDEWS Block 5.2 against multiple airborne fire control radars with overlapping operating frequencies. This flight effort culminates a year of planning and coordination by FACh and U.S. personnel, as well as extensive laboratory and flight testing in the U.S. At the conclusion of flight operations, FACh officials expressed confidence in AIDEWS as a “critical operational asset”. This new, updated Block 5.2 configuration supports the upcoming delivery of combat capable electronic warfare mission data to five countries with AIDEWS equipped F-16s. “Electronic warfare technology is constantly advancing,” said Stuart Altman, Exelis Electronic Systems business area lead for AIDEWS. “These test flight successes demonstrate our commitment to having the best possible technology to ensure our international allies can complete their missions, avoiding and defeating any threats, and returning safely”.
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