Canada Takes Delivery of Leopard 2A4 Tanks

  • 12:00 AM, September 14, 2012
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The Canadian Ministry of National Defence announced today the arrival of the Leopard 2A4 Canadian tank which the government purchased from Netherlands in 2007 as part of a $650 million tank replacement project. “Our government has a proven record of ensuring that the men and women of the Canadian Forces have the equipment they need to take on the challenges they face,” said Minister MacKay. “Our government’s procurement of this impressive platform will ensure the Canadian Forces have the capability they need to support future operations”. A total of 42 Leopard 2A4 Canadian tanks will be delivered to the Army by the end of 2013, with the first five currently serving at the Armour School at Canadian Forces Base Gagetown. These five Leopard 2A4 Canadian tanks have already been integrated into training and are playing a key role in preparing armoured soldiers and officers for the challenges of the future. The intensity and complexity of recent military operations in Afghanistan have shown that main battle tanks like the Leopard 2A4 Canadian tank are essential to provide soldiers with the protection, mobility and firepower that cannot be matched by light armoured vehicles.
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