MKU Showcases Modern Soldier Gear At Future Soldier Exhibition And Conference

  • 12:00 AM, October 17, 2012
  • 5625
State of the art Modern Soldier ensemble from MKU will be showcased at FSEC 2012 (Future Soldier Exhibition & Conference), Prague, Czech Republic starting on Oct 17th 2012. MKU has the right mix of technology and domain expertise to integrate and produce most complex & modern ballistic protection solutions which are seamlessly equipped with host of communication devices, surveillance equipment and ancillary paraphernalia required for network centric warfare. Manish Khandewal, Business Head, Personal Protection, said, “Producing body armour alone does not warrant the capability to integrate these sophisticated devices which requires a deep insight in today’s warfare techniques, latest production technologies and knowledge of diverse range of threat scenarios across the combat zones, globally. Customisation of ensembles to suit different & varying geographic warzone theatres is also the need of the hour and makes mku stand out amongst the industry players and contemporaries”. Quick release modular vest from MKU is a fully integrated & customizable Body Armour system designed for high ergonomic quotient and wearing comfort of modern dismounted infantrymen. Discreetly designed and chosen parts offer long wearing comfort levels in field combat scenarios. 2 point quick release system enables easy and quick doffing in case of emergencies wherein quick divesting of body armour becomes prime importance to carry out certain operations. Body Armour offers high protection levels with additional protection to mission critical equipment being carried by the soldier. All the devices integrated in body armour are connected via concealed self guiding cabling system. MOLLE compatible system allows soldiers to discreetly choose the mission critical equipment that they wish to carry using externally detachable or stitched on pockets. Boltfree IPS is a unique helmet manufactured using “No holes-No bolts” technology which not only provides uniform protection levels across the shells surface but also negates the possibility of ballistic holes and threats from secondary metallic fragments arising due to usage of bolts to mount harness systems within the helmet shell. IPS padding system is unique combination of integrated single padding system developed in coalition with industry peer SKYDEX specializing in providing solutions to mitigate blast and shock wave induced long term traumatic brain injuries to the soldiers when subjected to IED or similar explosions in close proximities. Additionally, IPS padding system provides snug , comfortable and adjustable fit on the wearers skull offering better line of sight and situational awareness. The cloak of darkness and adverse visibility conditions provide a tactical advantage to a soldier. MKU employs cutting edge technology in image intensification to manufacture state of art Night Vision Devices to help soldiers achieve battlefield transparency by employing surveillance, reconnaissance and target acquisition means to find the enemy and destroy him by accurate prophylactic as well as accurate aimed fire in dark and adverse visibility conditions. Jaguar 7, 14 & Nighteye products from MKU are aimed to enable soldiers in the battlefield to efficiently discharge their duties in extreme low-light situations.