12:00 AM, October 18, 2012
ATLAS North America (ATLAS NA) has been awarded a contract by the U.S Naval Surface Weapons Center to deliver the ATLAS Portable SeaFox(TM) Mine Neutralization Systems (PMNS). Under this contract, ATLAS NA will be responsible for the delivery of the SeaFox (TM) system, installation, integration, testing, training and life cycle support of these portable systems. All deliveries are expected to be complete within one calendar year. Sergio Diehl, President of ATLAS North America, said, "We are extremely pleased to once again have been selected to provide the SeaFox Mine Neutralization System to the US Navy and sailors operating in forward deployed areas, enabling them to more effectively and safely counter the mine warfare threat”. These systems once installed will augment the previous systems the US Navy (USN) acquired. These contracts include the Surface Mine Neutralization System (SMNS) presently being deployed as part of the ongoing MCM Ship Class upgrade, and the Airborne Mine Neutralization System (AMNS) installed onboard the MH-53 Helicopters. This fiber-optic guided, one shot mine disposal vehicle SeaFox(TM) is used for semi-autonomous disposal of naval mines and other ordnance found at sea. It is able to automatically relocate previously acquired positions of underwater objects within minutes with the integrated homing sonar. After relocating, these objects can be identified using the onboard CCTV camera and destroyed by the use of a built-in, large caliber shaped charge. It is deployable from a wide range of carrier platforms, including dedicated mine countermeasures (MCM) vessels, surface combatants, craft of opportunity, rubber boats and helicopters.