Bangladesh Inducts Chinese Tanks, Radars

  • 12:00 AM, December 13, 2012
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The Bangladesh Army has started inducting fourth-generation China-made MTB-2000 tanks and a weapons locating radar procured through outright purchase, according to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. "This is the first time our army is getting such new and ultramodern tanks, all bought with our own funds," she announced during an induction ceremony of the Army Aviation Group area at Tejgaon on Thursday. Bangladesh has placed an order for 44 of these MBT2000 tanks that closely resembles the Al Khalid tanks in the service of the Pakistan army since 2001. "This will further enrich the armoured corps of Bangladesh…Military power will increase. That is why this is a unique day for the nation," the Prime Minister proudly claimed. The MTB-2000 tanks, once refueled totally, can travel up to 400 kilometres at 61 kilometres per hour on normal roads. Laced with anti-explosive armour, the MTB-2000 can fire 125mm shells via computer controls. It has one 7.62mm and other 12.7mm machine guns. "We have decided to upgrade some more T-59 tanks," she said. "We will soon bring Sound Ranging Equipment from England…it will be added on to the artillery corps… Enemy canons, rockets and long range artilleries can be easily detected with this".
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