Our Bureau
12:58 PM, January 18, 2013

The British Ministry of Defense Friday announced that it will increasingly collaborate with Australia on defense issues including cyber security and equipment programs such as the BAE Systems-built Type 26 frigate.

Philip Hammond, British Defense Secretary and his Australian counterpart Stephen Smith were expected to sign a defense treaty to explore Type 26 collaborations the same day.

Britain has slashed defense spending, as part of efforts to reduce a budget deficit threatening to bring down the nation’s economy, and hopes that allied collaboration on equipment and defense projects will help cut costs.

In a statement Hammond, said, "In times of budget pressures for all nations, it makes sense to maximize economies of scale and work with friends to get the best value for money on all sides”.

Britain is expected to order 13 Type 26 warships, a vessel it visualizes as the "backbone and workhorse" of its navy, for delivery in early 2020’s. The final number of vessels however will not be decided until around 2015.