Spanish Army Acquires CSI’s Two-Operator Husky As Mine Detection Solution

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  • 07:33 AM, February 4, 2013
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The Spanish Army has acquired the Husky Mounted Detection System or HMDS, equipped with ground penetrating radar as their Vehicle Mounted Mine Detection solution, CSI announced yesterday.

The acquisition is a part of the $20 million contract awarded to CSI and partners for six Husky vehicle systems delivery which also includes spare parts and field training support, with delivery scheduled for 2013. The program will support Spanish combat engineers and Afghanistan deployed NATO soldiers.

"The Spanish Government’s choice of the HMDS, will help in saving lives and enhancing mission capability," said Mike McCormack, CEO of CSI, adding that "The two operators combined with increased mission capability, advanced sensors and NIITEK's ground penetrating radar equipment, provides essential route clearing technology and ensures adequate protection for people living in combat environments”.

The Husky is known for its survivability, and combines advanced ground penetrating radar and sensors to detect buried mines and Improvised Explosive Devices (IED's). The development of the two-operator Husky MK III landmine and IED detection vehicle, was prompted by longer mission duration and enhanced detection capability needs. Although similar to its one-operator counter-part, it allows the Husky driver to focus on vehicle control and situational awareness while monitoring and analyzing advanced sensor systems and operational environments.

The HMDS is Spain’s first acquisition, and represents enhanced critical mine clearance capabilities of the Spanish deployed forces.

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