Our Bureau
02:46 PM, March 11, 2013

Atlas Elektronik and Thales Deutschland have jointly been commissioned to modernize the combat system of the German Class F124 frigates.

With completion scheduled for 2017, the “HW Regeneration CDS F124” consortium formed by the two companies will refurbish the hardware of the Combat Direction System (CDS) and also adapt and update the software. The regeneration process is driven by the sweeping implementation of commercial hardware and software, because technological development in this field is progressing at a rapid pace. Here it will be possible build up on the know-how and experience gained during the F124 construction and service phase, in which both companies were involved, according to an official statement.

The order comprises the three frigates “Sachsen”, “Hamburg” and “Hessen” as well as the Test and Training Centre (EZ/AZ) in Wilhelmshaven and the Reference Maintainer and Training Site (RMTS) in Den Helder.

The activities include replacement of the outdated console processors, the data recording modules, and various network modules using components of the latest generation. Supportability of CDS components that are not regenerated yet critical for the system’s realtime response will, however, be ensured. An intentional side-effect is that, following the hardware regeneration, the computer systems will offer sufficient capacity for the integration of new subsystems and future CDS functionalities. 

Volker Paltzo, Managing Director of Atlas Elektronik and Peter Obermark, CEO of Thales Deutschland, said, “The frigates of the Class F124 are amongst the most modern and effective ships of their kind worldwide. We are proud of this expression of trust: in close cooperation with the German Navy, Atlas Elektronik and Thales – as two internationally leading system suppliers – are to prepare these ships for the challenges of the years to come.”