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02:55 PM, April 10, 2013

ITT Exelis has received a contract from Selex ES to manufacture the binocular i-Aware Tactical Mobility Night Vision Goggle (TM-NVG) for the Italian Army's Future Soldier program.

The i-Aware TM-NVG is an advanced, multipurpose night vision goggle that connects the individual soldier to the larger tactical network. Providing enhanced situational awareness to the warfighter, the i-Aware TM-NVG can be a part of the complete soldier system or used as a stand-alone night vision goggle.

A key benefit of the goggle is its ability to increase operational effectiveness in both nighttime and daytime missions. It provides the soldier with real-time video access to critical tactical intelligence and the capability to share video from the individual soldier to the tactical network.

In October of 2012, Exelis and Selex ES signed an exclusive Cooperation Agreement for the supply of this particular night vision goggle into the Italian market. By working closely with Selex ES and the Italian Army throughout the design phase, the i-Aware TM-NVG will be a critical component of Italy's complete soldier system.

"Our i-Aware TM-NVG provides the night vision capability our customers have come to expect and new capabilities that our customers will need for the future", said Nick Bobay, president of the Exelis Night Vision & Tactical Communications Systems division.





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