Our Bureau
03:07 PM, April 19, 2013

Alenia Aermacchi has signed a contract worth EUR 170 million with Eurofighter GmbH for the supply of components, systems and services of Alenia Aermacchi responsibility for the 12 Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft ordered by Oman in December 2012.

The contract includes services and other activities to be provided by Alenia Aermacchi also for the initial five-year logistics support package requested by the Royal Air Force of Oman. 

Alenia will start producing the components for Oman's Eurofighters in 2014 and the first complete aircraft will be delivered to the Royal Air Force of Oman in 2017, according to an official statement.

Oman's order represents the European Consortium's third export success story, making the Sultanate of Oman the seventh customer of the aircraft. 

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