Denmark To Replace M113 In 10 Months, Begins CV90 Armadillo Field Evaluations

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  • 11:53 AM, April 26, 2013
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The Danish Army has received an Armadillo type armored infantry fighting vehicles for testing. The vehicle is based on the CV90 chassis was configured by BAE Systems, Sweden for protected infantry transport. 

Earlier in April, BAE shipped one vehicle to the Danish army Oksbol base for competitive evaluation. The tests, which begin in April and continue through September, will evaluate the new vehicle’s ability to meet Denmark’s armored personnel carrier requirement. BAE Systems is also offering the vehicle to other countries, among them Canada.

Armadillo is a turretless version of CV90 with ballistic and mine protection which exceed Stanag 4a/b.

Denmark plans to replace its existing fleet of M113s and BAE Sweden is one of four contender for the program. Other options considered are the Piranha V from GDLS Europe and G5, yet another upgrade of the M-113, proposed by FFG. Denmark is expected to select its future APC variant in 10 months, around February 2014. First deliveries will commence in 2015.

The Danish contract requires the supplier to bind to support the fleet over a period of 15 years.






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