BAE System To Develop Precision Targeting System For U.S Army

  • Our Bureau
  • 08:57 AM, April 30, 2013
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BAE Systems has been awarded a $15 million contract to support the U.S. Army’s Joint Effects Targeting System (JETS) program with the company’s new Handheld Azimuth Measuring, Marking, Electro-optic imaging & Ranging (HAMMER™) precision targeting system. The contract initiates a three-year engineering and manufacturing development phase for HAMMER with the JETS program.

“This lightweight precision targeting system allows dismounted combat operators to locate and mark targets in all weather and lighting conditions, with the precision required for GPS-guided and laser-guided munitions,” said Dr. Mark Hutchins, director of Targeting Programs at BAE Systems. “With BAE Systems’ strategy to grow our electronics systems offerings, we look forward to working with the Army on this next-generation product.”

At a fraction of the weight and cost of precision targeting systems currently in the Department of Defense inventory, the man-portable HAMMER system is the most capable precision targeting product available on the market.


Building on the company’s already-fielded Target Reconnaissance Infrared Geolocating Rangefinder (TRIGR®) system, the HAMMER architecture enhances precision targeting capabilities by adding a compact laser marker and a non-magnetic compass. BAE Systems teamed with Elbit Systems of America to provide a laser marker based on laser target designators they have developed and fielded with the U.S. Marine Corps.


When fielded as part of the JETS program, the HAMMER system will help soldiers distinguish friends from foes with satellite positioning and surveillance information, and allow them to rapidly receive, transmit, and coordinate targeting data.  


“Precision targeting is a critical capability within our military,” Hutchins added. “We will continue to provide dismounted soldiers and operators with the most cost-effective, compact, and precise targeting equipment available.”