(Source: Thales)
12:00 AM, July 3, 2008

In April 2008 Bharat Electronics Ltd. (BEL) awarded another contract for the Thales LW08 long range volume search radar to Thales Nederland.>> This contract arranges the delivery of components of three LW08 systems that will be installed on the Godavari class frigates. The radars will be built by the Indian company Bharat Electronics Ltd. (BEL) under a licence agreement with Thales, using Thales-supplied components. The first system will be delivered by the end of 2009.>> Thales was awarded earlier contracts for the supply of one LW08 system for the Viraat aircraft carrier and three LW08 systems for the new Kolkata class destroyers. These radars will also be built by BEL. The Indian Navy has selected the Thales LW08 radar based on the excellent experience gained with this system on board of the Brahmaputra class frigates and the Delhi class destroyers.>> These contracts form a sound basis for further cooperation with BEL. They underline the excellent relation between BEL and Thales. In the past, BEL has built under a licence contract the Thales systems FLYCATCHER Mk1, LW04, DA08 and ZW06 naval radars and the REPORTER ground-based system.>>> LW08 is a long-range volume search radar that provides target indication to weapon control systems. The system meets all requirements for any naval surveillance radar. LW08 reliably presents a clear picture of the environment, under all circumstances and without adding great weight to the ship's superstructure.>> Operating in various configurations, the system has proven its worth time and time again.

LW08 is operational in the Navies of Belgium, Canada, Chile, Germany, Greece, India, the Netherlands, Peru, Taiwan, Thailand and United Arab Emirates.