Our Bureau
02:37 PM, May 23, 2013

EADS announced today that it is investing $2 billion and its technology in the KF-X aircraft to help Korea to become a fighter jet producer, following the promise of Eurofighter producing 53 out of 60 fighter jets in Korea.

The development of the Korean Utility Helicopter, SURION, by KAI which secured technology from Eurocopter is a recent successful case of collaboration between Korea and EADS and brought technical effect worth about 14 trillion KRW.

With the Eurocopter chosen to provide next generation fighter jet and EADS investing more than 2 trillion KRW in the KF-X program, will create a major economic effect than the SURION in Korea and can bring stronger political and military ties with Europe.

In addition, Airbus, one of EADS subsidiaries, has chosen KAI as the supplier of main parts of Airbus aircraft from 1998.

EADS’s suggestion of investment of $2 billion in the KF-X and joint development is expected to cause a shock wave in Korea which has only purchased complete products (fighter jets), depending on the ROK-U.S. alliance.

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