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02:05 PM, June 17, 2013

Raytheon Company has started delivery of its new released software, Post Deployment Build-7 (PDB-7) to its Patriot customer base.

PDB-7 is the latest in a series of software deployment builds revolutionizing the Patriot Air and Missile Defense System.

The PDB-7 software gives soldiers state-of-the-art capabilities by leveraging the latest Patriot Configuration-3 hardware modernization improvements in the radar and battle management command, control, communication, computers, and intelligence (BMC4I) areas. Technical improvements include major enhancements that allow soldiers in the field to defend against current threats and easily adapt and respond to changing threat environments.

"This latest software launch is a testament to Raytheon's commitment to its 12 Patriot partners worldwide to provide a state-of-the-art system to protect their nations and soldiers," said Sanjay Kapoor, vice president of Integrated Air and Missile Defense at Raytheon's Integrated Defense Systems (IDS) business. "The enhancements and increases in processing power across key components of the system give soldiers a significant advantage in the battlefield with greater efficiency and safety while substantially decreasing lifecycle costs of the system."

The key features of the new PDB-7 software includes, the new Modern Man Station (MMS) with color LCD displays, the new Radar Digital Processor (RDP) with a ruggedized commercial off-the-shelf processor and the new Modern Adjunct Processor (MAP), an expandable processing platform that is at the heart of the Command and Control modernization. 

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