Israel To Get Sixth Iron Dome Battery

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  • 02:33 PM, July 29, 2013
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Israel To Get Sixth Iron Dome Battery
The Israeli Air Force is planning to launch a sixth Iron Dome battery.

The Israeli Aerial Defense Division is building a sixth battery, which is expected to be operated by soldiers performing reserve duty. In the future, the sixth battery will be part of a full battalion of reserve soldiers for the Iron Dome, according to the Israeli Air Force.

The battery, the sixth in a series, will be the first reserve battery in the Aerial Defense Division and will constitute the basis of a full reserve battalion and will operate the Iron Dome system in times of emergency, alongside the batteries of regular soldiers performing mandatory service.

"The establishment of the battery is part of the force-buildup of the Iron Dome Division, which combines regular forces and reserve forces", explains Colonel Tzivika Haimovitch, Active Defense Wing Commander in the Aerial Defense Division. "We're at the point where we have finished setting up and building the regular forces, and we are setting up the first reserve battery, which will be the basis of additional reserve batteries that will constitute a full battalion in the future".

For many years, no designated reserve battalion was set up in the Aerial Defense Division: Soon, reserve soldiers will leave for training to set up the battery, in which they will practice operating the system and deploying in different operational territory in times of emergency.

"All reserve soldiers who make up the battery will be graduates of the regular force batteries, soldiers with operational experience in operating the system - be they professional technicians or combat soldiers and interceptors".

The sixth battery will join the five batteries of regular forces in the Iron Dome Division that are routinely operated around the clock in different defense areas around the country.

Recently, a battery from the system was stationed in the Eilat area, based on the latest IDF assessment of the security situation. 

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