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12:59 PM, August 14, 2013
INS Sindhurakshak ‘Battle-Ready’ At The Time Of Explosion
INS Sindhurakshak battle-ready and technically sound, says Zvezdochka shipyard.

The Russian shipyard in charge of the INS Sindhurakshak’s overhaul and refit today issued a statement saying that the recent work on the sub has no connection to the explosion that occurred early Wednesday morning.

“The vessel was battle-ready and technically sound,” an official at Zvezdochka shipyard told Interfax news agency.

India took delivery of the upgraded submarine in January this year after undergoing modernisation in the repair facility in the north Russian port of Severodvinsk, the factory said on its website.

Seven Russian technicians, who are currently in India to oversee the vessel’s reintegration, were unhurt, Interfax reported.

According to reports, 18 Navy personnel are feared dead and the submerged half of the submarine is still under fire.

The submarine was refurbished in Russia only three months ago for an estimated $80 million and was fitted with the latest an improved warfare system and was expected to serve for at least 10 years more.

Another submarine docked close by, the INS Sindhuratna, was reportedly damaged by the explosion but managed to pull away in time. 

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