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01:53 PM, August 20, 2013
Chinese Shipbuilder Reveals Cutting-Edge Propulsion Technology
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China has reportedly developed cutting-edge propulsion technology in order to modernize its shipping and naval fleets. 

China Shipbuilding Industry Corp today announced that its Wuhan Institute of Marine Electric Propulsion finalized its integrated electric propulsion technology in mid-July. It said the in-house development will help the nation wean itself off the longstanding dependence on imported parts in manufacturing ships. 

Most surface vessels in China use mechanical transmissions and are propelled by a motor or an engine spinning a propeller. Many Western countries have adopted integrated electric propulsion, in which gas turbines or diesel generators produce electricity that powers electric motors. 

China in recent years has made a great deal of effort to modernize its naval and shipping fleet and to design new propulsion engines.

China Shipbuilding Industry Corp said in February that one of its research institutions received State approval and funding to formally begin research on core technologies for nuclear-powered ships. 

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