Textron Wins $31.6 Million Armored Personnel Carriers Contract

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  • 02:38 PM, August 23, 2013
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Textron Marine & Land Systems announced today a $31.6 million contract award from the U.S. Army Tank-Automotive and Armaments Command (TACOM). This contract is to provide 28 Commando Advanced Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs), with 40mm/.50 cal remote turrets to the Colombian Army (COLAR). Initial APC deliveries to the U.S. Army, for shipping to Colombia, are expected to begin in November, with all vehicles scheduled to be completed and transferred by April 2014. The contract also includes repair services on two damaged Armored Personnel Carriers in the COLAR's inventory, which consists of 39 Commando Advanced APCs in operation with its Armored Cavalry units. These repairs will coincide with vehicle support service work on COLAR APCs awarded to TM&LS earlier this year. Since fielding its APCs in May 2010, the COLAR has employed them extensively while combating internal revolutionary forces in Colombia. These vehicles have provided the mobility, protection and firepower needed to meet all COLAR tactical armored vehicle requirements. The Commando Advanced APC is an extended version of the Armored Security Vehicle, combat proven by the U.S. Army and other militaries in locations including Afghanistan and Iraq for more than 10 years. The APC's additional two feet in length and six inches in internal height allow greater troop carrying capacity. These vehicles offer excellent on-road and off-road mobility, enabling them to operate in urban, jungle, desert and mountainous terrain. Crew protection is reinforced with a V-shaped hull bottom and 360-degree protection from direct fire. Rigorously tested and proven in the toughest environments, the Commando family of vehicles offers a range of protection options, unmatched on-road/off-road mobility and ample firepower. TM&LS produces four lines of Commando four-wheeled vehicles - Commando Utility, Commando Advanced, Commando Select and Commando Elite. As an end-to-end armored vehicle provider, TM&LS offers customers a wide range of Commando products and services. Within the Commando family of vehicle lines, TM&LS has recently developed an enhanced recapitalization solution for HMMWVs, a 4x4 mortar vehicle, and command and control integration. Coordinated logistics support ensures proper fielding, training, maintenance and related services throughout each vehicle's life cycle.
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