Saudi Arabia Expecting Arms Sales Worth $1.2 Billion

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  • 01:42 PM, August 26, 2013
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The U.S. Defense Security Cooperation Agency notified Congress of plans to sell Saudi Arabia a package of follow-on support and services for Royal Saudi Air Force (RSAF) aircraft estimated to be worth $1.2 billion.

Saudi Arabia is seeking maintenance, logistics, repair, and other services for their arsenal of military aircraft, for the engines that power them, and for the weapons that arm them, according to the Washington Business Journal reports. 

DSCA notes that there is no prime contractor involved in this proposed sale. Given that the sale concerns RSAF aircraft, it would appear that the likely beneficiaries of this contract would include the contractors who built the planes being maintained and serviced.

The RSAF air fleet comprises of transport, fighter, and airborne early warning aircraft from Boeing , Lockheed Martin transport planes such as the C-130 Hercules and old F-5 Tiger fighter jets (now used primarily for flight training) from Northrop Grumman.

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