Honeywell To Supply 300 Turboprop Engines For Russia’s Antonov An-22 Upgrade

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  • 02:34 PM, August 28, 2013
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Honeywell Aerospace has been selected by Russia's Siberian Aeronautical Research Institute (SibNIA) to supply an expected 300 TPE331-12UAN turboprop engines as part of a major upgrade offering for Russia's Antonov An-2 fleets, with an option for additional orders.

Starting in late 2013, Honeywell will supply the engines and aftermarket support to improve the operational capabilities and efficiency of the An-2, the company said in a statement.  

Honeywell's TPE331-12UAN engine is a derivative of the proven TPE331-12UHR that powers the Jetstream 32 and Metro 23, and will provide 1,100 takeoff shaft horsepower (SHP) for the An-2. SibNIA selected the engine because of its performance, fuel efficiency, proven reliability and demonstrated ability to support operations in remote and challenging environments. 

SibNIA's overhaul of the An-2 will bring some of the industry's latest engineering to the platform and comes at a time when the Russian government is increasing its focus on aerospace and, in particular, aviation infrastructure in remote areas. Government and private operators upgrading their An-2 fleets with SibNIA will benefit from the TPE331's versatile and robust design to complete a wide range of missions including local air transport, firefighting, aerial spraying, medevac and training. 

Honeywell and SibNIA are also considering additional opportunities for future collaboration on the An-2 program. These could include avionics, with both manufacturers exploring concepts for upgrading the An-2 cockpit using the extensive capabilities of Honeywell's avionics product line, as well as the potential for localized production of the TPE331-12UAN. SibNIA will be the focal point for TPE331 engine support in Russia for the An-2, building gradually from line maintenance to overhaul as dictated by aircraft fleet utilization and operational needs. 

 Victor Valente, Vice President, Business and General Aviation EMEAI, Honeywell Aerospace,
"Our TPE331's performance and response rate are integral to the remarkable performance improvement offered by the re-engined An-2. The TPE331's reliability record is a powerful enabler for the diverse and remote operations that are typical of the An-2 fleet, and the engine is a great example of how Honeywell can bring new operational capabilities and life-cycle extension to older, yet perfectly capable, aircraft." 

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