Russia Announces Fuel Tanker Bid Worth $90 Million

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  • 01:13 PM, September 5, 2013
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Russia announces the tender to buy a fuel tanker of worth $90 million with bidding to begin from September 24.

The Project 23130 medium-sized tanker will be designed to store and transport fuel as well as dry cargo, and provide support to surface ships and submarines in peace time and in wartime, the Defense Ministry’s procurements arm said in a press release.

The tanker should be 130 meters long, 21 meters wide and have a displacement of 14,000 tons. It should have a range of no less than 8,000 nautical miles, a cruising capacity of 60 days before refueling and be operable by a crew of 24. The tanker is to be delivered before October 2016.


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