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12:22 PM, September 10, 2013
BAE Systems, DCNS To Supply Heat Exchangers For Royal Navy's Nuclear Submarines

BAE systems and DCNS have signed a joint contract to supply four high-efficiency heat exchangers for Royal Navy’s sixth and seventh Astute-class nuclear boats.

This latest contract makes the Group the sole supplier of heat exchangers for the United Kingdom's latest generation of nuclear-powered submarines. The Royal Navy took delivery of the second Astute-class boat earlier this year.

The design and construction of these heat exchangers is based on advanced technologies and expertise acquired through the Group’s involvement in a number of conventional and nuclear-powered submarine programmes. Over the years, the Group has delivered more than 500 heat exchangers, including 170 for conventional and nuclear-powered submarines operated by 10 navies, developing specific expertise in the relevant areas of mechanical and thermal engineering.

The teams are currently working on a pair of units for Astute-class boat no. 5 and will soon begin work on the last four exchangers, the last heat exchanger being scheduled for delivery in mid-2016.

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