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11:23 AM, September 23, 2013

Taiwan's Air Force to be equipped with “smart” munitions before the year end likely to be used against any Chinese invasion, according to the local media report.

The new weaponry, developed under a project codenamed “Wan Chien”, is scheduled to be carried by dozens of Taiwan’s fighter jets.

It also plans to upgrade 60 fighters before the year’s end, with the last six being refitted and scheduled to be completed in December, according to China Times.

The weapons, an equivalent of the U.S-developed joint direct attack munition (JDAM) that converts unguided bombs into all-weather “smart” munitions, is designed to target harbours, missile and radar bases, as well as troop build-ups prior to any invasion of the island, the report said.

Each kit carries more than 100 warheads capable of blowing dozens of small craters in airport runways, making them impossible to use.

The new weaponry will enable Taiwanese fighter jets to hit Chinese targets from a distance and reduce the risk of having to fly over mainland territory. 

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