Draken International Delivers MiG-21 Aircrafts

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  • 01:51 PM, October 2, 2013
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Draken International continues to rapidly build up its supersonic fleet with the delivery of twenty-five MiG-21 aircraft.

With MiG-21 assembly operations taking place on both coasts, Draken is able to provide a safe, reliable, real-world "red-air" asset to the Department of Defense and Test Pilot schools across North America.

Draken maintains the largest fleet of privately owned tactical aircraft in the world. The fleet is composed of over 50 ex-military aircraft including Douglas A-4K Skyhawks, Aermacchi MB-339CBs, Mikoyan Mig-21UM and Mig-21BIS fighters. The MiG-21s are some of the latest models and were recently delivered from Poland. The fleet of twenty-five Mig 21s complements Draken's existing operation by adding a reliable, affordable supersonic asset with radar capabilities to provide unmatched training in the commercial air services industry.

Jared Isaacman, CEO of Draken International, describes the value added by the MiG-21's: "The Draken team is thrilled to add the MiG-21's to our fleet of tactical fighters. With over a thousand of these aircraft flying in the world, we are able to operate and maintain this popular fighter in a safe and cost-effective manner. They provide an excellent platform for research and development and are in high demand by Test Pilot schools across North America. As for adversary threat replication, this platform is exactly what the operators want to see for dissimilar, large-scale training environments. Draken is able to provide the multi-package scenario during large force exercises."

Draken sets a new standard in Commercial Air Services for both military and civilian clients with the largest fleet (50+) of privately owned tactical aircraft in the world. Uniquely positioned with fourth gen capabilities - RADAR, RWR, HUD, HOTAS, 1553 BUS, air refueling and supersonic assets, Draken answers the global demand. 


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