Russia To Get New Strike Aircrafts By 2014

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  • 01:32 PM, October 14, 2013
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Russia To Get New Strike Aircrafts By 2014
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The Russian Air Force will receive a total of 30 Su-34 Fullback strike aircraft by the end of 2014, the Defense ministry official was quoted as saying by RIA Novosti. 

The Su-34s are manufactured by the Novosibirsk aircraft plant, part of the Sukhoi holding, located in Russia’s Siberia region.

“The current [2013] year plan on the delivery of 14 [Su-34] aircraft under the state defense order will be fulfilled, and the plant has promised to deliver another 16 fighter-bombers next year,” the Russian ministry official was quoted as saying in the report.

The Russian Air Force is due to get a total of 124 Su-34s by 2020 under two contracts with the Sukhoi holding. According to official data, 29 series-production Su-34s have been delivered to the Russian military so far.

A two-seat derivative of the Su-27 fighter, the Su-34 can carry a payload of up to eight tons of precision-guided weapons over 4,000 kilometers.

The aircraft will eventually replace all of the ageing Su-24 Fencer strike aircraft in service with the Air Force and the Navy.

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