Kazakhstan To Get C295 Transport Aircrafts

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  • 10:38 AM, October 25, 2013
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Airbus Military has signed a contract with Kazspecexport, a State Company belonging to the Ministry of Defence of Kazakhstan to supply two C295 military transport aircraft.

This order is implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that was signed in 2012 between the Ministry of Defence of Kazakhstan and Airbus Military for the procurement of eight C295s in total and on the basis of which two C295s were already delivered in 2013.

The first two C295s are already in service with the Kazakhstan Air Forces and the third and fourth are planned for delivery in 2014 and 2015 respectively. With regards to the remaining four aircraft in the MoU, a delivery schedule will be defined over the coming years.

“Airbus Military is very proud that the Kazakhstan Ministry of Defense is placing a repeat order for the C295, confirming its confidence in the aircraft’s capabilities and cost-efficiency as well as in our company. We are proud of the relationship that has been created with Kazspecexport and the Ministry of Defence and congratulate the teams of both institutions on their professionalism in the process. We will keep striving to ensure that we live up to this mark of confidence and stand by our customer for many years to come,” said Antonio Rodriguez Barberan, Head Of Commercial, Airbus Military.

The new generation C295 is the ideal aircraft for defence and civic missions to the benefit of society, such as humanitarian actions, homeland security, and environmental surveillance. Thanks to its robustness and reliability, simple systems, and optimal cabin, this medium sized tactical airlifter provides wide versatility and flexibility, necessary for personnel, troop and bulky/palletized cargo transportation, casualty evacuation, communication and logistic duties, and air-dropping. Its flexible design, long endurance and modern systems have made it an outstanding platform for a wide range of ISR roles including anti-submarine and ship warfare, airborne early warning, and maritime surveillance. The C295 is part of Airbus Military’s family of light and medium airlifters which also includes the smaller NC212i and CN235 platforms. In the fourth quarter of 2014 Airbus Military will introduce the C295W, featuring as standard winglets and higher engine power ratings, giving increased performance in all flight phases and lower fuel burn.

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