French Navy Deploys Thales' Commander Training System

  • Our Bureau
  • 07:43 AM, December 3, 2013
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Thales’ Commander Training System has entered service with the French Army under a contract to the DGA French defence procurement agency. 

The OPOSIA system will be used to instruct and train commanders of company-level combined-arms task forces, as well as section and platoon leaders. It can be coupled with the ‘live’ training on the CENTAURE system, also provided by Thales under a DGA contract.

The new Commander Training System can be used to simultaneously train three digitised task force commanders, their subordinates (section and platoon leaders) and leaders of support units (engineering, artillery, logistics); with up to 45 people able to take part in one or more exercises in a virtual theatre of operations.

Based on tactical simulation software developed by Thales, the new system immerses personnel in a highly realistic virtual 3D universe, with personnel able to use their own operational communication and information systems for the exercises. Artificial intelligence techniques specifically developed for tactical applications minimise the number of instructors needed. 

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