Switzerland To Buy $200 Million Worth F/A-18 Hornets

  • Our Bureau
  • 04:29 PM, December 6, 2013
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Switzerland is planning to buy F/A-18 Hornet and associated logistical support for an estimated cost of $200 million.

The Government of Switzerland has requested a possible sale of follow-on support for Switzerland’s F/A-18 Hornet Upgrade Program to include; participation in the F/A-18 Engine Component Improvement Program (CIP), spare and repair parts, system integration and testing, classified and unclassified publications and technical documentation, flight testing, support and test equipment, transportation, personnel training and training equipment, software development, U.S. Government and contractor technical and logistics support services, and other related elements of logistics support.

The principal contractors will be Exelis, Northrop Grumman, The Boeing Company, General Electric and General Dynamics.

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