General Dynamics, Colt To Build SWORD Networked Rifle System

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  • 12:54 PM, December 10, 2013
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General Dynamics, Colt To Build SWORD Networked Rifle System
General Dynamics, Colt To Build SWORD Networked Rifle System.

General Dynamics and Colt Canada are teaming up to work on a networked rifle weapon system that will be offered as an alternative to radio-centric individual soldier systems.

The solution will see Colt's Sniper (Soldier) Weapon & Observer Reconnaissance Devices (SWORD) system integrated with ruggedized smartphone-like technology, to bring the solider critical situational-awareness information via his weapon, according to Shephard.

Jeff MacLeod, general manager, Colt Canada, said: ‘SWORD makes sense as an integrated soldier system. By combining modern smartphone technology with weapon-mounted scopes and laser rangefinders, soldiers have all the information they need, literally at their fingertips. SWORD is not about simply delivering a computer or a display to soldiers; it delivers an entirely new capability centred on the rifle.’

David Ibbetson, vice president, General Dynamics C4 Systems International, added: ‘Cooperation between Colt and General Dynamics Canada builds on the strengths of both companies. Colt has worldwide expertise in developing and delivering rifles, while General Dynamics has the networking experience needed to connect individual soldiers.  The combined solution gives soldiers the smartphone capability they have been asking for in the form of an Android-networked rifle.’

SWORD is based on commercial off-the-shelf components, and provides power, data and navigation infrastructure within the weapon, including GPS and inertial navigation for GPS-denied situations.  Enhanced with smartphone technology and the ability to host battle management applications, these Android-networked rifles will deliver the information soldiers need to execute the mission.

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