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08:54 AM, December 17, 2013

Russia receives the final batch of Su-34 fighter jets under a 2008 deal with Sukhoi aircraft maker to deliver 32 of the two-seat bombers, according to RIA Novosti.

The aircraft, also known by the NATO codename Fullback, were handed over at the Novosibirsk aircraft plant, which is part of the Sukhoi holding company.

Sukhoi officials were quoted as saying in the report that the company has already started implementing another contract with the Defense Ministry to deliver an additional 92 Su-34s, making a total of 124 aircraft by 2020.

A derivative of the Su-27 fighter, the Su-34 is fitted with twin AL-31MF afterburner turbojet engines and can carry a payload of up to eight tons of precision-guided weapons over 4,000 kilometers.

The aircraft will eventually replace all of the ageing Su-24 strike aircraft in service with the Russian air force and navy.

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