BAE Systems Introduce New Multi-INT Radar System

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  • 12:18 PM, December 20, 2013
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BAE Systems has developed a new small size, weight, and power (SWaP) Multi-INT system, to help allied forces in rapid real time detection and tracking of adversaries' activities.

Integrating three sensor modalities, the Multi-INT is a multi-function radar system, designed to integrate with airborne intelligence gathering sensors that capture information, simultaneously giving analysts a complete picture of their surroundings.

BAE Systems Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) Futures director John Kelly said the system links multiple sensors together that provides analysts with the ability to track, fuse, cross-cue, and holistically understand the data captured by each of the sensors within the system.

''Our Multi-INT system maximizes the warfighters' collection intake by giving them the ability to detect across multiple sensing modalities, simultaneously. With this approach, the target can't hide anywhere in the spectrum,'' a company official was quoted as saying by Army-Technology.

The first sensing modality is a multi-function radar that provides all-weather imaging, change detection, and detection and tracking of movement on the battlefield, while the second, radio frequency (RF) emitter mapping detects and locates any RF transmitters used by a potential adversary for communication.

In addition, the system features a compact daylight and infrared (IR) camera for collection and digital fusing of low light and thermal images.

Designed to generate picture, national and theatre-level reports that assist in longer term decision-making, the intelligence collection is currently executed by different service elements or agencies, each operating larger, more expensive UAVs featuring only one type of sensor.

The platforms also require dozens of personnel for operation, analysis and data distribution.

The existing methods also present data in piecemeal fashion that fails to deliver the complete battlefield picture for troops at the tactical edge.

''With BAE Systems' new small SWaP Multi-INT system, we have solved that problem,'' the offcial added.

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