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02:22 PM, December 30, 2013

Navantia and its Turkish partner SEDEF has been selected to design and build an amphibious warfare ship and four landing craft for the Turkish Navy, according to EFE.

The contract, which is Navantia’s first foray into the Turkish market, will provide the shipyards at Fene-Ferrol and San Fernando-Puerto Real with about 800,000 man-hours of work, as well as 50,000-man-hours for its Navantia Systems subsidiary and 28,000 man-hours for Fabrica de Motores engine factory.

Navantia will provide design, technology transfer, equipment and technical assistance for local construction of the ship by SEDEF.

In addition, Navantia will also provide various types of equipment and sub-systems, such as engines, turbines and the integrated platform control system.

According to Navantia, its LPD design was selected because it has already been built and tested by the Spanish navy, as the "Juan Carlos I". Two other similar vessels have also been built by Navantia and delivered to the Royal Australian Navy, the "Canberra" and "Adelaide".

In addition, Navantia hopes to introduce its F-100 frigate designs to the Turkish navy, the report added.

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