Gripen Buy Awaits Brazilian Congress Approval

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  • 01:42 PM, January 16, 2014
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Gripen Buy Awaits Brazilian Congress Approval
Gripen Buy Awaits Brazilian Congress Approval

Brazil Ministry of Defense will have to seek approval from its country’s Congress for the purchase of 36 Swedish Gripen NG fighters.

Defense Minister Celso Amorim said that the choice of aircraft by the Brazilian government was based on three criteria: price, technology transfer and performance. And that the decision had not prioritized the political aspect, but the technical aspects of the aircraft. 

Amorim made the comments Wednesday at meeting with Swedish Secretary of State for Defence, Carl von der Esch, and his delegation to exchange information on the progress of the purchase by Brazil of 36 Swedish Gripen NG fighters.

In December last year, Amorim made the official announcement on the choice of the consortium that will supply the F-X2 project. "I'm optimistic our partnership, and so is the Brazilian defense industry," added the minister. 

The Swedish secretary expressed satisfaction with the decision and reiterated that the agreement had been a long process, over "many years", but which had finally materialized. "We are committed to working together, cooperating with you on many levels," he stressed. 

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