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01:40 PM, January 20, 2014

The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) is procuring new laser light module Mk3 equipment under a £53 million contract to provide Royal Marines Commandos with better enemy illumination - up to 800m during day and night operations.

Weighing 244g, the new laser light can be equipped onto the SA80 rifle to provide more accurate firing in low-light conditions.

The defence ministry also ordered more than 15,000 new lightweight, ergonomic binoculars for use with the upgraded laser lights for the Forces, to provide enhanced situational awareness.

Specifically for the army reserves, the defence ministry invested in more than 4,000 additional head-mounted night-vision systems to enable operations in poor light or in dark tunnels and buildings in order to better identify both threats and other personnel.

UK defence equipment minister Philip Dunne said that the new equipment will provide British troops with the ability to see further and in more detail to stay one step ahead of danger.

"The multi-million pound investment makes clear the MoD's commitment to equipping our Armed Forces, including Reservists, with world-class battle-winning technology," Dunne said.

"These binoculars, laser aimers and night vision goggles will improve situational awareness and reduce collateral damage across the battlefield."

Soldiers and Royal Marines validated the new equipment capability prior to delivering to forces.

The lance corporal of 2nd Battalion Royal Regiment of Scotland, Herbline Biscette, said the new kit will also enable military to stay accurate and heighten awareness in difficult, low-light conditions.

"This kit also gets tested virtually to destruction - they get dropped from height, submerged, blasted with sand, left out in -20°C - all conditions that we might have to face when using it, so we know that it won't let us down," Biscette said.

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