Our Bureau
02:29 PM, February 3, 2014

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) will be exhibiting various defense products at Defexpo 2014, 6-9 February, in New Delhi.

It will showcase a wide range of strategic systems, including a range of mission aircraft, various UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), advanced radar systems, L/MRSAM air defense systems, command and control systems for different levels of warfare including cyber and communication systems.

In the field of Homeland Security (HLS) and protection of maritime economic exclusion zones (EEZ), IAI will be presenting integrated maritime systems including UAVs, sensors, radars, and command and control systems. In addition, IAI will be presenting an unmanned surface vessel (USV), which supports a wide range of applications for HLS and EEZ protection, including harbor security, patrol of coastal and territorial waters, surface security, electronic warfare, coastal and offshore platform and infrastructure protection (including oil rigs and pipelines). IAI will also be displaying its BMS, an advanced technology battle-management system for ground forces. 

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