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03:26 PM, February 5, 2014

Sagem will be showcasing a range of systems and equipment like intelligence, long-range precision strikes, surveillance, border protection, high-intensity combat and guerrilla warfare at the Defexpo India 2014.

Sagem is exhibiting MOST (Mât Optronique de Surveillance Terrestre) optronic mast for land surveillance - which provides panoramic surveillance capacity under armored protection. It calls on the high performance of its main sensor, the JIM LR long-range multifunction infrared binoculars, mounted on the top of a telescopic mast. The compact, combat-proven JIM LR combines a number of functions in a single package: thermal imager, GPS, rangefinder and north seeker, enabling it to detect and locate targets out to several kilometers. The system also offers day/night image fusion, panoramic display and automatic threat detection.

In addition, Sagem will highlight Patroller tactical drone, Sigma 30N - new version of the Sigma 30 laser gyro navigation system, Epsilon 20 land navigation system and Sigma 20M gyro-compass for naval applications and AASM Hammer SBU-54 Laser missile.

Epsilon 20 and Sigma 20M use a breakthrough inertial technology, the hemispherical resonator gyro (HRG), patented by Sagem. The Epsilon 20 land navigator covers the requirements of supply vehicles, geo-information and satcom applications. The Sigma 20M gyro-compass is intended for demanding naval applications.

Sagem has announced that is developing a new, more highly integrated and customized solution for infantry soldiers. This innovative, compact, modular and wireless solution calls on scalable communications and command technologies. Its C4I component features the latest-generation IP MANET radio and intuitive C2. Furthermore, its open architecture facilitates the integration of other equipment, such as binoculars, aiming sights, C2 applications, etc.

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