New Military Hardware from Iran

  • By Our Bureau
  • 12:18 PM, October 16, 2019
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Sanctions-hit Iran has found ingenious ways to develop military hardware. In the past few years Tehran has developed weapons that have caught the world’s attention with their unique designs, simplicity and functions. It has used some of these weapons in Syria and Iraq where western analysts have been surprised at their effectiveness. looks into some of Iran’s recent innovative military hardware.


The network-based robot is a six-wheel drive vehicle that can carry loads, is furnished with 360-degree rotating wheels, and can also detect the barriers.


One of the items put on display was a hand-launched drone, fit for reconnaissance and patrol operations. “Farpad” is designed for the combat intelligence collection units serving in the mobile offense brigades or rapid reaction squads.


“Rouintan”, a tactical bulletproof light vehicle, is resistant to steel core bullets is a light-weight armored vehicle, resistant to steel core ammunition.


The system looked similar to the guidance units used with the Fateh-110 family of solid-propellant missiles. As with the Fateh-110 family, these would be attached between the rocket engine and warhead to steer the projectile.