By: Our Bureau
12:36 PM, March 22, 2016

The video shows a newest Russian-made 9R 333 VFN man-portable air defence missile system (MANPDS being test-fired at suspended targets.

The MANPADS is designed and manufactured by the KBM Scientific Production Concern, a subsidiary of JSC High Precision Systems Scientific Production Association.

The MANPADS boasts of enhanced capability of engaging small-size targets with low thermal signatures such as cruise missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles.

It has enhanced jamming immunity to contemporary high-power pyrotechnical jamming devices and combat effectiveness against modern air strike weapons thanks to missile warhead and high-precision guidance system. The low-weight of the MANPADS enables it to engage air targets flying within the parameter envelope with an altitude of 10 m to 3,500 m and covers a range of 500 m to 6,000 m. The air missile system has airspeed of up to 400 m/s (approaching), or up to 320 m/s (receding). It can carry manoeuvring loads - up to +8 g.

The organic 1PN97N Maugli-2M night vision sight allows target acquisition round the clock and target engagement at a far-off boundary of the kill envelope.